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  Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute (PRFRI) of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences is located in the southwest of Guangzhou city. It is a national fishery research organization in Pearl River valley, whose research fields are focused on application of basic research and applied technology research for tropical and subtropical fishery. PRFRI has 210 employees, including 156 professional technicians, among which are 21 professors and 29 associate professors.

  The main research fields of PRFRI are fish germplasm resource and analysis, fish genetics and fish breeding, aquatic farming and environmental nutrition, prevention and control of aquatic animal disease, fishery eco-environmental protection, fishery biotechnology, health and husbandry of aquatic laboratory animal, and unban fishery science. PRFRI has several Labs and supervision departments, including Key Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical Fishery Resources Application and Cultivation, Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China; Scientific Observing and Experimental Station of Fishery Resources and Environment in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Pearl River, Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China; Laboratory of Quality and Safety Risk Assessment for Aquatic Products (Guangzhou), Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China; Key Lab of Tropical and Subtropical Fish Breeding and Cultivation, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences; Key Lab of Aquatic Animal Disease, Ministry of Agriculture, Guangdong; Key Laboratory of Aquatic Animal Immune Techniques; National Fishery Environment Field Research Station for Pearl River Estuary; Supervision and Testing Center (Guangzhou) for Freshwater Fish Strain Quality, Ministry of Agriculture, etc.

  Since the founding of PRFRI, 142 scientific achievements have been obtained and awarded. Among them, the most outstanding one is the artificial propagation methods of Chinese carp, which made a great contribution to the development of fisheries in China and overseas. At present, PRFRI is carrying out more than 100 research programs, including national key tasks in science and technology, the national high-tech research and development program (863 program), national fund for natural science and other projects of the ministries and local governments. Now it has become a modernized research institute with advanced instruments and facilities.

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